Undisputed – Tucson

What up, Undisputed – Tucson?!  I’m absolutely stoked to be there in a little over 2 weeks!  I’m taking some time to rest up and recover from foot surgery.  I won’t be 100% when I get there but it won’t be long until I am!

Now that the World’s are over, we’re starting on a new competition season.  I know Molly’s been working hard at getting you ready for an event coming up in August; that’s fantastic!  With little gi work, I’m impressed how well some of you did with it on!

With such a strong no gi background, I’m sure you all will continue to kick but in that area…I plan on having you become beats at both parts to the game!  As most of you know, I’m part of Team Lloyd Irvin.  I’ve been promoted entirely under Shawn Hammons, Lloyd Irvin black belt and No Gi World Pan American and 2x Gi Pan American Champion.  He’s an absolute beast on the mats and I can’t wait to introduce you to him.  I spent last weekend working on some basic gi technique videos with him that I’d like you to start working on now…just a few to get the ball rolling.

Take some time and work through each one, beginning with the grip systems, all the way through a basic toreando pass.  We’ll start with this stuff when I get there in August!  Not to worry, we’ll still focus our attention on No Gi training; I’ve got an 8-man pro invite tournament in October that I’ll need your help getting ready for too!

Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or Facebook message if you have any questions about this stuff! davidgreilly@gmail.com.

See ya soon!

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