Jon Meyer brown belt match at the OGC

This past weekend I had the opportunity to compete against an incredible athlete, brown belt Jon Meyer.  At 190 lbs, Meyer’s defeated some great fellow competitors out there.  I must admit, I was a little nervous to give up that much weight (I weigh 160 lbs), but, it ended up working to my advantage–I won the match 5-2!

When the match began I knew I was going to have my hands full with Jon’s size and strength advantage.  His grips were insane!  I hadn’t felt functional strength like that in some time on the competitive platform.  I knew I was going to have to rely on speed and technique to win.

Just a quick recap of the match:

  • Jon took me down with an incredible snap single.
  • I was able to trap him in my guard, keeping good sleeve control, forcing him to constantly grip and re grip my lapels.
  • After frustrating him, Jon allowed me to move into the heavy leg sweep position.
  • As soon as he started the pass I sat up, finished the sweep and gained 2 points, tying the match 2-2.
  • I had to BATTLE to pass Jon’s guard, constantly moving side to side using mule kicks and cut throughs until finally I was able to out work him and gain my 3 point pass, pushing the score to 5-2 in my favor.
  • Jon was able to escape my side control position and, with only 1 minute left, through a trademark heal hook attempt on me, forcing me to run and scramble out.
  • As soon as we were both back on our feet I immediately pulled guard.
  • We finished in that position.

Sorry there’s no video available for this match…I hope the recap helps!  I must admit, I’m more proud of this win then I am most.  Jon’s beaten some big names out there and proved to be an incredibly tough opponent.  I’m sure we’ll have the opportunity to compete against each other again.

Remember, hard work always beats talent when talent refuses to work hard!

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