Why I Still Compete

Two weeks ago, as I was sweating out my final 2 lbs in the hot Phoenix sun (topping 100+ degrees), I asked myself, "Why do I still compete?" ┬áThat pervasive thought ran thicker than the water-depraved blood in my veins. I always called those self-defeating thoughts, "mental demons," and could usually cast them from my … Continue reading Why I Still Compete

A Competitive Mindset

Are you one of those competitors that does extremely well in class but absolutely chokes when it comes time to compete at tournaments? Have you seen that training partner of yours that you normally slaughter, Monday through Friday, tear it up while you continuously get knocked out of competition in the first round? Having a … Continue reading A Competitive Mindset

NEVER Give Up…a prelude to the Pan Ams.

With the Pan American Championships right around the corner, I thought I'd write this week's post on determination. Most of you, like me, have been preparing since last year for this very event. We've been training hard, eating clean, working through injury and mentally preparing for battle. Now, that hard work and determination culminates next … Continue reading NEVER Give Up…a prelude to the Pan Ams.